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Leading the Way - Independent Schools

We are the country's oldest existing girls' school, founded in 1634 due to the inspiration and vision of Mayor and MP of Bristol, John Whitson.

The school experience and curriculum in the 21st century has developed well beyond the imagination of our founder; we offer opportunities in science and the technologies and in many other subjects that he could never have envisaged. Every member of the Red Maids' community takes pride in belonging to a shared endeavour which stretches more than 380 years into the past and looks forward confidently to the future. Many people with links to Bristol will have family or friends who are proud to have been Red Maids.

Today The Red Maids' School is a leading centre of girls' education which continues the vision and spirit of our founder, to empower and equip our young women to make their mark in the world. 

We are embarking on a new, exciting chapter with the merger of our historic school with Redland High School for Girls.

Together we form Redmaids’ High School which is destined to become a beacon of excellence for girls’ education in Bristol and the south west.

You can read the annual report for The Red Maids' School for the year ended 31 August 2015, together with the audited financial statements for the year, by clicking on the link on the left.


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