Red Maids' School: 2nd in the UK 

Top IB Schools UK (small cohort) 2016

Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries

The Scholars' Programme includes:

  • external and internal students joining Year 12 who have been awarded any of the 16+ Scholarships below

  • honorary scholars who have achieved excellent GCSE results

  • existing Senior School scholars.


16+ scholarships

Redmaids’ High School has expanded its range of Sixth Form Scholarships to celebrate this significant period in the School's history and to highlight our ongoing commitment to girls’ education and to academically able young women.

For internal and external candidates:

  • STEM Scholarship - Science, Maths, Technology, Computing

  • Liberal Arts Scholarship - English, Humanities, Languages

  • Performance Scholarship - Music, Drama, Art

  • Senior Sports Scholarship - Emphasis on the school’s major sports of netball and hockey (although other sports will be considered)

  • Honorary Scholarships - Although no financial reward is attached to these, recipients are recognised as scholars, receive a scholar’s badge and take part in academic, extension and enrichment activities, paid for by the school, as part of the Sixth Form Scholars’ Programme.

For external candidates only:

  • IB Scholarship - To reward commitment to the international values and ethos of the IB.

  • Oasis Academy Brightstowe Scholarships - Up to two special scholarships are available to girls from Oasis Academy Brightstowe who excel in their GCSEs, scholarship exams and interviews.

* Your daughter will play to Associated Board Grade 7 (or equivalent) as a guide, although she does not need to have passed any formal exams as we assess on potential as well as current level of performance.


16+ bursaries

A number of means-tested, partially-assisted places, may be available when joining the Sixth Form from other schools, awarded under the John Whitson foundation and the John James Foundation for Bristol Children, up to approximately 50% of fees. 'Discretionary Bursaries' are also available to allow girls to continue their studies at Redmaids' High Sixth Form.


The John James ‘Tools of the Trade’ Award

This is worth £1,500 and is awarded in-year to a Year 12 student  whose studies incur specific and substantial additional expenses, eg a musical instrument, a potter’s wheel, travel costs or computer equipment. Applications by letter are invited each March. 


Applying for a scholarship or bursary

External and internal students wishing to apply for a scholarship should complete the Sixth Form Entry Information form. External candidates should submit this along with their Registration Form

For external 16+ bursary applications, please complete our Financial Assistance Form 


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