Whole-school Open Morning, Saturday 23 September 2017

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Best for girls

  • As a girls-only school, we are quite simply specialists in all things girls.
  • We structure lessons and the timetable to suit their needs.
  • We know what is best for them academically and pastorally.
  • We help them build strong self-esteem, empower them to be leaders and to aspire to any profession.

In the words of our Headmistress, Mrs Tobias: "Each year, young girls arrive at Red Maids’ and we see confident, articulate, well-educated 18-year old women leave.

"While they are here, we focus on building the personal qualities they need to help them become the very best that they can be. We want our students to be independent and determined. They must also be problem-solvers who can work creatively and collaboratively. And if they’re really going to make a difference in the world, they must also be reflective, inquiring and open-minded.

"In a single sex school, with less social pressure and no gender-stereotyping, resilience steadily builds, confidence quickly grows and the girls’ own interests are vigorously pursued.

"Our girls are proud to be Red Maids’. They know exactly what they are capable of and are not to be under-estimated at any point. We firmly believe that a single-sex education plays an important part in developing this confidence."


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