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Red Maids' School iPad information


The digital age has determined that young people are adapting to new technologies more readily and faster than ever. Recent technological advances have enabled schools to create exciting and creative learning opportunities which maximise students’ progress, equip young people to take full advantage of the newest ways of working and communicating, and put them at an advantage when they enter the work place.

The mobile strategy at Red Maids’ is in its fourth year: we have progressed from one set of six devices to whole class sets of iPads to be booked out by teachers. Teachers at Red Maids’ also each have their own device allowing them to collaborate over the creation and development of dynamic learning resources and creative approaches to teaching using this technology.

All research shows that these devices become even more powerful in 1:1 ownership. Personal ownership of an iPad for school allows students to keep their work with them, see the device as their personal learning portal, and work independently, increasing their skills and interests at their own pace and in their own ways in and out of school. Since September 2014 all Year 3 and 7 girls have been asked to bring their own iPad to school as part of their essential school equipment.

With a view to keeping fees down for all parents, you are asked to purchase your daughter’s own iPad. The proposed minimum specification for students is: A 32GB iPad Air or above.


Procurement and value for money

  • The school can offer parents an educational discount package on the cost of a new 32GB iPad Air 2 with a rubberised case, including a two year insurance and warranty cover; this can be purchased through a single payment purchase scheme. The Apple Store at Cribbs Causeway Bristol will be providing this package on our behalf.

  • iPads can be bought at the discounted price by completing the purchasing details outlined here which include the school's code. The offer will end on Thursday 13 April, 2017.

  • All Apps required for school purposes will be purchased in volume by the school to qualify for discounts where available and distributed to students’ iPads.

Preowned iPads

If your daughter already owns an iPad that meets the minimum specification of an iPad Air 32GB, please contact ipadsupport@redmaids.bristol.sch.uk and you will be provided with the details and instructions of how to prepare the iPad for the school network. Please be aware that the iPad will need to be returned to factory settings to accept the school settings.


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