The senior school fully achieves its aims to develop the academic ability of able girls...

ISI Inspection February 2013

'Excellent' ISI Inspection Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) judges The Red Maids' School to be 'excellent' in every single category.  

The full report, published in March 2013, states "Throughout both schools, in lessons, in informal conversations and in their extra-curricular activities, pupils' achievement is outstanding."

"A very broad range of extra-curricular activities enables pupils to develop diverse interests, in which their achievement is frequently notable. At all ages, pupils have very positive attitudes to learning and enjoy the prevalent ethos of hard work and success."

In terms of teaching the report says, "Teachers use their enthusiasm and excellent subject knowledge to inspire learning, through highly effective questioning and individual monitoring."

For personal development, it says, "By the time they leave the school, the pupils' standard of personal development is outstanding." The report also notes,  "Relationships between staff and pupils and among the pupils themselves are exceptionally strong."

Mrs Tobias, Headmistress commented, "This is an inspection report of which anyone connected to our school can feel extremely proud. It reflects the commitment and dedication of staff, students and parents alike. To have achieved top grades across the board is extremely rare, and something which positions us rightly as one of the best schools in the UK."

You can read the inspection report in full, by clicking the link below.



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