Pupils in the Sixth Form benefit from the wide range of subjects offered

ISI Inspection February 2013

'Excellent' ISI Inspection Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) judges The Red Maids' School to be 'excellent' in every single category. 

The full report, published in March 2013, states "Throughout both schools, in lessons, in informal conversations and in their extra-curricular activities, pupils' achievement is outstanding."

In terms of Sixth Form, the report states, "Pupils in the Sixth Form benefit from the wide range of subjects offered. A key feature of the school's success at this stage is that pupils are carefully assessed and guided through subject options and examination choices."

"A well-balanced life skills programme, looking at topics such as careful budgeting and developing effective communication skills, gives pupils very effective preparation for life beyond school."

The report adds, "The monitoring of academic progress in the Sixth Form is an excellent example of how a well-considered and carefully implemented initiative has led to improved outcomes for pupils in public examinations."

It also says, "By the time they leave the school, the pupils' standard of personal development is outstanding. They derive benefit from excellent opportunities to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence."

You can read the inspection report in full, by clicking the link below.



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