Senior School Open Morning, Saturday 23 September 2017

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Redmaids' High Infant and Junior School

“Following our merger with Redland High School, we are now able to extend the outstanding education we provide to girls starting at the age of 4 and rising to age 11. You can relax knowing your daughter is in a busy, vibrant, happy school where she will positively flourish.

We have high expectations and want our girls to succeed. We meet the individual needs of each child and expertly guide them to achieve their full academic potential. 

We also encourage our girls to join in. Whether it’s playing chess, football or hockey, taking part in a concert or book group, joining the art or fencing clubs, our girls have full, active days.

In terms of pastoral care, we are exceptional. We treat every girl as an individual, which means they grow up with high self-esteem and self-confidence, ready to take full advantage of everything our Senior School next door has to offer.

So whether it’s through sport, music, drama or academic pursuits, we want your daughter to find things she enjoys. This creates a school that is bursting with purpose and positive energy. We treasure that energy – it really is quite wonderful. We hope you think so too.”

Lisa Brown

Great news:

We are now accepting girls in Reception

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