The senior school fully achieves its aims to develop the academic ability of able girls...

ISI Inspection February 2013

Meeting special educational needs

We have a Special Educational Needs Team, made up of qualified specialist teachers, to ensure that there is appropriate provision for students with a permanent or temporary learning difficulty or disability. This may be a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or a sensory impairment.

Special educational needs include:

  • students with statements of Special Educational Needs or an EHC (Educational Health Care Plan)
  • students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • students with English as an additional language
  • students who don’t have a Special Educational Need, but may require additional support.

Access arrangements

We can offer specialist support for students with dyslexia and are open to discussing individual learning difficulties and/or disabilities, medical disabilities or related issues.

If you are planning to visit the school, it is useful to let us know about any access needs, including any mobility requirements, you or your daughter have beforehand.